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During March and April, 2014, our team began fieldwork for a book about Patagonian traditional basketry awarded through a Regional Fondart. We met with several artesans throughout the southern region of Patagonia documenting their lives through photography and interviews.  Here is a sneak peak.  

In late December 2013, a book launch was held for "Hilando Historias en La Patagonia."  Weavers who participated in the project, together with their families and friends, attended to celebrate the life stories of Patagonian women. This gallery includes some of the visual moments captured in the book.  


During April, 2014, Marcia Faúndez conducted organic dyeing workshops in Puyuhuapi, Patagonia.  This activity was managed in conjunction with the towns' Country Cultural Service and the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.  It was wonderful to see the joy of women and men connecting with ancestral customs.  Marcia and Daniela lead seminars on weaving techniques and cultural identity.   See below gallery.