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O U R   P R O G R A M S 

"I like the fact there are people interested in learning and all of this is not lost. It is important that part of our identity is carried on. At some point in time they will say, way over there, in a faraway corner of Chile, I went to learn this. And that is beautiful.  Although it may be modest and simple, what we do, the simple things are what we most value in the end."  Carmen Sandoval  ~  Weaver of Palena, Chile

Education and Heritage

We believe education is an integral and continuous process affecting all actions. Tradition and culture, passed from generations to generations, adds immense value to humanity's existence and history. We seek to arouse interest in the human story, interest that creates belonging and defines identity. It is important to raise awareness of our collective memory, so rich in ancient wisdom and genuiness. We seek to encourage education in schools and communities through 

workshops on local identity and traditional techniques. We hope to connect local artisans and farmers by incorporating traditional knowledge into the classroom curriculum in subjects such as art, language, and music. We also seek to develop educational material that maintains this knowledge for future generations.

Exploration and Preservation

Each community has a unique personal history. We believe it is vital to respectfully rescue and record these personal histories autobiographically from within the communities. We seek to investigate and subsequently support the dissemination of traditions and customs of urban and rural areas of Latin America. Such traditions and customs include: handicrafts, folklore, gastronomy, ancient techniques, and medicine. We desire to spread gained knowledge through creative, dynamic, and attractive venues such as books, local files, videos, and exhibitions. 

Entrepreneurship & Culture

The Foundation seeks to support and strengthen artisans', farmers', and local peoples' technical skills and ancestral knowledge. Through innovation, creativity, and marketing strategies, we hope to create independence and provide environments which allow people to sustainably sell their products at a fair price. Alongside these goals we also hope to enhance self-management, self-confidence, and leadership through Personal Development Workshops. We desire to further integrate networks of tourism offices. It is our goal to connect locals with the global markets furthering values of fair trade and responsible consumption.

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