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D A N I E L A  D I A Z  M O U R G U E S ||||| Executive Director

Daniela Diaz Mourgues received a degree in journalism and history from Gabriela Mistral University in Chile. Her passion and interest in working with local communities led her to a position as Latin American Director of Social Programs in the NGO Un Techo para mi País. She implemented education, microenterprise, cultural, and training programs in 6 countries in Latin America. She also worked and traveled in Africa and India where she gained knowledge about very different human realities. From 2000 to 2013, she assumed the role as as Executive Director of Fundación Patagonia Sur. In this role she led a multidisciplinary team focused on sustainable development in communities in Chilean Patagonia. Her interest in traditional and ancient culture has led her to participate in, recieve grants, and author the following books: “Telar Patagón: una guía para principiantes” and "Hilando Historias en la Patagonia.” Both books were funded by the Regional Fondart National Council of Culture and the Arts in Chile. She is currently writing a book about Patagonian Basketry, documenting the lives of basket weavers in Chilean Patagonia. She has futher recieved certificates in Cultural Management and Public Policy, Methodologies for Social Research, and Poverty and Latin America at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Daniela Díaz Mourgues

+56 9 92299950 (CL)



Marcia Faúndez


Marcia Faúndez has served as an educator in cultural and artisan textiles for more than 20 years. She has led educational and training programs in various weaving techniques such as Mapuche and Chilote. Trained in organic dye processes for wool, Marcia continues to organize dyeing worshops with different groups in the region of Aysen, Patagonia. She works with women from Mapuche communities, as well as women in rural areas, encouraging ​​mental health and socio-community intervention. Marcia has a passion for rescuing local traditions and identity. She continues to implement extracurricular activities with children and toddlers in the educational field as well as development and cultural belonging workshops for educators. Alongside Daniela, she is a co-author of the book "Spinning stories of Patagonia" awarded by the Regional Fondart National Council for Culture and the Arts. She is currently working on her second book about traditional basketry in Patagonia.


M A R C I A  F A U N D E Z ||||| Southern Patagonia and Educational Coordinator
HEather ENG

With aspirations to learn about and explore cultures around the world, Heather Morgan has traveled the globe for 12 years working with non-profit humanitarian organizations. Photography became an artful venue allowing Heather to examine life and nature outside of her own familiar surroundings. She has photographed communities in the Belizean jungle, Peruvian Andes, and Chilean Patagonia. Alongside photography, Heather received a MS in Counseling Psychology in 2007 and has taught courses such as life span and development, statistics, theories of personality, and psychopathology.  She is passionate about preservation and research of cultures around the world.  She currently lives in a small Californian mountain community outside of Los Angeles.  


H E A T H E R  M O R G A N ||||| Creative Coordinator


Heather Morgan

949 370 9301 (USA)

Melanie ENG


Melanie Kurtz


Melanie Kurtz graduated in 2006 with an Environmental Studies degree from the University of Colorado. Following her studies she worked for several years in Bozeman, Montana as an outdoor educator. In 2009, Melanie helped develop the pilot program WorldTeach Colombia and fell in love with Latin America and Spanish.  She found an opportunity to teach English and enviromental education in Patagonia and began working with Fundación Patagonia Sur in Chile. From 2010-2013 Melanie held the title of Project Coordinator with Patagonia Sur.  Her interest in the environment and the development of sustainable communities led to different environmental grant awards throughout northern Patagonia.  


M E L A N I E  K U R T Z ||||| Project Coordinator
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